[Hacks] Example and Welcome Post

Matt Joyce matt at nycresistor.com
Tue May 8 19:21:04 UTC 2012

Hello and welcome to the Hacks mailing list at noisebridge.  I am
starting this list as an experiment.

The purpose of this list is to enforce a strict hacks only policy on
all posts to the list.

This doesn't mean the posts need to concern themselves solely with the
hacks referenced in each e-mail.  It simply means that to post here
you must hack.

All e-mails sent to this list should include documentation of a brand
new hack.  Or documentation of appreciable new progress on a larger
hacking project.

To demonstrate here's a video of a new hack of mine:

I could have posted a link to a photo set, single picture, git repot,
or any number of other creative ways to produce information about my
new hack.

So.  Hack first.  Post second.  That's what this list is about.  If
you want to decry the state of Israel for it's wanton disregard for
the international laws of beer purity in your emails that's fine, so
long as you drop dox on your latest brand new hack.



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