[kites] Kite Hacking 8pm Thursday at 83c -- Mini-workshop: Attaching LEDs to your kite

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Wed Aug 26 23:44:29 UTC 2009

Excerpts from Michael C. Toren's message of Wed Aug 26 13:00:39 -0700 2009:
> Thanks to everyone who came out to Ocean Beach for the group flying
> session.  I forgot to count, but IIRC, we had a total of ~9 people, and
> 7 different kites in the air -- 4 of them making their maiden flight!
> I'm out of town this week, but Jonathan Lassoff (cc'd) is going to be
> taking over while I'm gone.  He purchased a two-line kite for the group
> flying session and attached a cluster of green LEDs to its center, powered
> by one of the lightweight LiPo batteries.  It looked great dancing around
> the sky after sunset. :-)  On Thursday, he'll be demonstrating how to
> attach LEDs to your own kite.  We'll have LEDs, a few lightweight
> batteries, and soldering irons.  Bring your kite, and maybe some gaffer's
> tape or duct tape if you have it.  You're welcome to show up without a
> kite, too.

Michael's spot on. Come one and all and let's solder up some LEDs. I
have a modest supply of 5mm Red and Green LEDs which I'm hoping to make
into some navigation-style beacons for the wingtips and would be happy
to give parts and/or instructions to any interested parties.


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