[Noisebridge Lockers] Locker 18 (had been 21)

Gregory Dillon gregorydillon at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 03:17:06 UTC 2015

Hi Locker List,

*I just put a lock on 18* which was open,  but ----  I been trying to
recover locker 21 for some months so if I should move, just let me know.

rest is easily too long, with  no need to read.  but the details are ...

Back when Al first got the lockers, I helped move them up the the space,
and claimed a locker, and paid for four months.   But  NB was raining
crocodiles, and Al was having a lot of pressure put on him.    It was easy
to think money in the donation bin would get stolen, so my locker payment
was  overdue, and I had doubts about myself being at NB, so I took my lock
off.    I  came less , and saw one of the crystal meth guys had put a lock
on 21

Post reboot, I softly spoke up trying to reclaim it, but there didn't seem
to be a process.   I put painters tape across the locker, and dated the
tape 1/18/2015 , to be certain that the locker wasn't in use. After nearly
a month, the "official like locker recovery program"  started and I said
I'll wait till March 17th.   So, now that its April ,  I did do-ocrocy, and
put my lock on 18.

*But I think locker 21 should be cut*

So if I stay with locker 18, I give up all claim to #21, or if there is a
reason to move, I'll easliy do that.

Let's stay in touch.  Greg

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