[ml] ML Wednesday, 8PM

Josh Myer josh at joshisanerd.com
Thu Jul 2 00:16:21 UTC 2009

Hey everybody,

We are, indeed, having ML Wednesday this week.  I'm a little behind on
things, having not had much by way of free time in the last week, so
it's going to be more seat-of-the-pants than usual.  We'll probably
break earlier than usual, and be a bit more chaotic than is typical.

I'd like to spend a bit of time skimming the WiiGee codebase, to learn
what we can about how they're defining features, etc.

(Sorry to be a bad moderator/leader; my company got a nice piece in
the Sunday NYT, concurrent with becoming an open beta... my weekend
went *poof* in a cloud of babysitting and tuning smoke.  Exciting, but
mostly in the stressful sort of way.)
Josh Myer   650.248.3796
  josh at joshisanerd.com

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