[ml] An introduction to applications of machine learning

Josh Myer josh at joshisanerd.com
Wed Jul 15 22:33:25 UTC 2009

Tonight, after the French class*, I'll be running through a bunch of
YouTube videos showing applications of different kinds of machine
learning techniques.  It's a presentation Jean originally put together
a few months ago, and is really fun.  It also presents a great
opportunity to ask what Machine Learning is, what it's good for, and
to find inspiration for your own computer-control projects (be they
art, robots, or art robots).

We'll be starting at 8PM, but if French goes a little long, I
apologize in advance for starting a little late.

* After!  So all y'all who've been ditching my class to do French can
now stick around.  Just sayin'.
Josh Myer   650.248.3796
  josh at joshisanerd.com

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