[ml] ML Tonight, 8PM!

Josh Myer josh at joshisanerd.com
Wed Jul 29 18:38:30 UTC 2009

I'm back from China, still catching up, and have a company meetup
immediately before Machine Learning Wednesday, but it's still on!  If
nothing else, the cumulative effects of beer plus mild sleep dep
should make for an amusing session this week.

We're stepping back into the WiiMote gesture recognition project after
a short hiatus, actually coding at this point.  This should be fun
stuff, and is amenable to people joining up a little late (new folks
might have some fuzziness around the edges, but, then again, so will
I, this week).

Finally, big ups to Jim for covering for me while I was gone last
week.  It sounds like I missed a really good session, and I hope to
convince others to start doing presentations again in a few weeks,
once the WiiMote workshop is wrapped up.  Drop me a line if you're
interested, and I'll coordinate the process.

I hope to see you guys around 8PM noisebridge time; I may be a little
late in getting there, depending on whether or not the 7:30 end time
of our company's little beer bash is held to.

(And, if you've ever used Aardvark, swing by Gordon Biersch in the
City at 5PM for free beer and appetizers!  There's already something
like 250 people RSVP'd on facebook, so it'll be a crazy time.)
Josh Myer   650.248.3796
  josh at joshisanerd.com

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