[ml] HMM workshop?

erin erin at j-fan.com
Thu Aug 5 18:43:11 UTC 2010

To clarify, the speech recognition thing I was talking about was not HMMs.  
I used lda, qda and kmeans, which could possibly become a workshop later.  
Also the guy I was talking about is not a speech person, he does music.

There is an NLP paper I've been meaning to read about Markov Chains, so maybe
I could talk about that, or else I can work with Mike to assist in presenting
one of his topics.


On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 11:10 AM, Mike Schachter <mike at mindmech.com> wrote:

> Hey guys (Erin, Tom, Glen, et. al),
> I think 9pm is too late to be meeting up. I suggest we forgo next
> week's 9pm meeting and put our heads together to give a nice 2 hour
> HMM workshop/lecture set on Wednesday, August 19th, at 7:30pm. We
> can advertise it on the ML list and noisebridge-discuss, and encourage
> donations to Noisebridge for attendance to help pay their rent.
> Here's the breakdown of what I think we could offer in that meeting:
> Me/Anyone Else: The basic math behind Markov Processes and HMMs
> Me/Erin/Erin's Speech Recognition Friend: Speech Recognition using HMMs
> Tom: HMMs using R
> Glen: HMMs in bioinformatics
> Anyone else: ?
> I feel like if we have two weeks to prepare something it'll give us time to
> have good presentations and be worthwhile to everyone, what do you think?
>   mike

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