[ml] Hidden Markov Model Workshop! 8/18 @ 7:30pm

Mike Schachter mike at mindmech.com
Thu Aug 12 20:07:09 UTC 2010


Are you riding out the cold SF "summer" shivering in a dumpster
filled with biomedical waste, guilt writhing up and down your spine?
Guilt from not knowing enough about... hidden markov models?!?

Well suffer no more, the machine learning group wants to
help you!

Hidden Markov Models are in widespread use for speech recognition
and Bioinformatics. They're somewhat compact models that can be
used to predict sequences. On Wednesday, August 18th, 7:30pm,
in the back classroom, we're coming together to give a workshop on
HMMs, including:

 - The basic math behind Markov Processes and HMMs
 - Speech Recognition using HMMs
 - HMMs using R
 - HMMs in bioinformatics

Stop on by! No money is required, just your brain and sensory organs
and possibly a laptop if you want to follow along with some of the R
examples. Donations to Noisebridge are suggested. See you there!



P.S. Could some generous admin add this to the Google calendar?
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