[ml] Data Classification in R - workshop

erin erin at j-fan.com
Wed Jul 21 02:22:50 UTC 2010

Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow I will do an intro to generating and classifying data in R.  We will go over some code, 
which I will upload to our sourceforge repo.  I am hoping that we will have enough time to go over 
two scripts, both involve classifying data.  If we run out of time, we can break it up into two 
(or more) workshops.  

The first will involve sampling data from multivariate gaussians and creating decision boundaries 
using linear regression, k-nearest neighbor and bayes.

The second will involve classifying handwritten digits, and we will use a postal service dataset.

To prepare, all you need to do is install R.  But that only takes a few minutes, so we can do that
in class too.  If you want to look at the scripts in advance, I will try to get those uploaded soon.


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