[ml] python+numpy+scipy+scikit.learn on mac

John Rayfield john.rayfield at me.com
Thu Nov 4 16:44:25 UTC 2010

After many frustrated attempts, I think I have found the way!

1/ Make sure you are using the built in Python that comes with SnowLeopard (2.6.1).
2/ Download the 'superpack script' from this page, add execute permissions and run - this seems to work a treat, and even installs the fortran compiler and 'easy_install'
3/ easy_install -U scikit.learn

Note if you have scikit.learn already somewhere, uninstall it first so that it builds with the correct abi:

easy_install -m scikit.learn
rm -rf {whatever the full path is to the package that is shown from the above}

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