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Matt Curcio mattcurcio at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 19:54:05 UTC 2010

Dear ml group,
  I am the Chief Scientist of Aggregate Knowledge and we are hiring!  I've
been lurking on this list for quite some time now but just havent had time
to make it to a meetup.  We are looking for a Data Scientist to help with
large data analysis and general thought leadership over here.  We're a well
funded startup in the advertising space and have lots of interesting
problems (and tons of data).  Here's a link to the job description:


I was clearly thinking of people on this list when I wrote the job
description, so I figured I would ask you directly.  I would love to chat
with any of you that are looking for employment and feel you have the chops
to fill the role (or anyone you may know).  Feel free to send me any resumes
or just an email response is fine.  Hope to meet all of you at some point in
the future too.

Matt Curcio
Chief Scientist
Aggregate Knowledge
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