[ml] flexible course dates vs regular meetups

Mike Schachter mike at mindmech.com
Wed Aug 31 03:29:11 UTC 2011

Thanks to everyone who showed up last night for
helpful discussions and interesting ideas! Some
specifically pertaining to the ML meetups were:

1) Encourage people to come in and talk about
projects that they're working on, getting help from
other ML people and maybe some more insight
as to what they're doing.

2) Hit up the Kaggle user groups and solicit Bay
Area residents to come in to the ML meetups.
Maybe Use sites like Facebook and Reddit to
foster an online presence.

3) Put together a survey on workshops to make ML
more user driven. Please take the survey if you haven't


When the survey accumulates a reasonable amount of
samples I'll volunteer to teach one of the top choices,
and then start coming up with workshops for the other
choices, or finding someone to teach them.

What if we allow people that want to come to workshops
to vote on the day of the workshop through doodle?

The regular meetup day on Monday will be available plus
some other days that work for the teachers. Then regular
Monday meetups could then be freed up for whoever
wants to talk about their project and get help, or present
on a topic to teach people, or something equally beneficial.


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