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Brian Morris cymraegish at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 01:17:45 UTC 2011

Anyone interested in learning some OpenCL together ?

I have some demos for mac and code to build and try out. I haven't cracked
it much yet.

Although I have run a couple test benchmark programs comparing GPU programs
to CPU and yes indeed the GPU is something wonderful : 70 times faster than
a single core (17 times the quad core).

I have mostly mac but some linux I think.

If you don't know what is OpenCL, it is a way to harness power of recent
(circa 2007 or so) GPU massive parallel cores to do general programming.
There are C, python, and Java interfaces. There is a free (just brand new)
IDE (on Mac) for development and testing. There are libraries for linear
algebra and neural nets and other things.

OpenCL will run on cpu core if no GPU is available; MacBook Pro since early
2008 will run on GPU, and so forth.

Anyway if nothing else is happening I'll probably be hanging out working on
that or my Java (just learning) Junk.

BTW every 4th Wed I can't be there but I am trying to show up the other
weeks for now. I don't know about anyone else but also I personally don't
care too much if there is something formally organized or if people are just
hacking around somewhat related to each other is doing.


On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 4:00 PM, Mike Schachter <mike at mindmech.com> wrote:

> Dearly beloved machine learnists,
> I got a shit-ton of work to do for the next two weeks
> and won't be around. I strongly encourage someone(s)
> to organize something and show up the next two
> Wednesdays.
> The basic procedure is simple:
> 1) Send an email out to the list saying what you want to do
> 2) Update the wiki describing what you are going to present:
> https://www.noisebridge.net/index.php?title=Machine_Learning
> Good luck! See you soon, xoxoxo
>   mike
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