[Noisebridge-announce] Financial summary (updated): $10,000USD!

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Sat Sep 27 01:02:36 UTC 2008

We've put the deposit down! We're signing the lease on Monday!

So here's a transparent financial summary current as of about five
minutes ago.

Actual collected money (cash and checks) as of today:
$100 - David Fine (cash)
$200 - Brian Ferrell  (cash)
$100 - Jesse Zbikouski (cash)
$500 - Andy Isaacson (check)
$1000 - Rachel McConnell (check)
$50 - Audrey Penven (check)
$1000 - Jacob Appelbaum (cash)
$1000 - David Molnar (check)
$1000 - Al Billings (check)
$100 - John Magolske (cash)
$600 - Grey David (cash)
$800  - Anonymous (cash - small unmarked bills)

Current total in the bank (assuming all checks clear): $6450

Promised funds not yet delivered from:
$500 - Shannon Lee
$500 - mindwarp
$100 - Arram Sabeti
$500 - Mitch Altman
$500 - Andy Isaacson
$500 - Greg Albrecht
$200 - Ed Hunsinger
$500 - Matt Peterson
$50 - Benessa Defend
$200 - monochrom

Total promised but not delivered: $3550

Assuming that all of the above promised funds come through, we'll be at
$10,000 (!!!) in the bank. We're looking good! We haven't hit six months
of reserve funds but we're certainly well on our way! It's not bad for
24 hours of fund raising! A big big thank you to everyone so far!

Now is the time to talk to people who are interested and who want to
make this happen.

In addition to the above funds, it appears that we have some other
promised funds per month. These aren't detailed here, we'll figure that
out early next week at our first meeting in our new space!

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