[Noisebridge-announce] First aid/CPR: Sunday April 5

Christie Dudley longobord at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 22:20:02 UTC 2009

What: Certification classes for First aid and CPR
Where: Noisbridge
When: Sunday April 5, 6PM (real time, not Noisebridge time)

There's nothing worse than the feeling, when you see someone hurt, of not
knowing what to do to help.  This is the kind of skill you hope you don't
need, but don't want to be without when it's needed.

So a really cool result of the First aid and CPR bit I brought up at the
meeting this week, Michael stepped up and said he'd teach the class in our
now-established Noisebridge style: open to everyone and donation only.  (We
request that you donate make donations to noisebridge: this class costs
$60-$120 at the red cross.)

To be clear, this will be 4 hours of instruction in one evening:  2 for
first aid and 2 for CPR.  It covers Come prepared.  Get food before you
arrive, and please, PLEASE try to get there about 15 minutes early so he can
get everyone's names for their certifications.  If you're late, you might
not be able to get certified.

One of the reasons people who aren't required for their job to get certified
is that if they help someone and wind up injuring them (say, breaking the
sternum while performing CPR) the certification protects you under good
Samaritan laws.

I refuse to give up childish things.
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