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miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 23:47:48 UTC 2009

Greetings Programs!

Five Minutes of Fame, the April showers edition is tomorrow at Noisebridge
(83c Wiese St, San Francisco), April 16th at 8PM.

I am pleased to finally post this month's "Five Minutes  of Fame" schedule:

The speakers are covering the gamut this time, and the current schedule is
as follows*:

Slot 0: "Reviewing the Movies of John Waters" -- froggytoad
Slot 1: "Find ha.sh:  A search engine for files you already have" -- Asheesh
Laroia & Jeffrey Malone
Slot 2: "The Two Sides of Business Empathy and Power" -- Karl Long
Slot 3: "Orb Swarm : Kinetic art breaks from the machine" -- coreyfro
Slot 4:"Integrating ZigBee into a project" -- Shkoo
Slot 5: "Charlieplexing" -- Josh Meyer
Slot 6: "Rise of the Steamfucking Machines" -- Ani Niow
Slot 7: "Learn to Read: 한글 인 파이브 미느츠" -- Skory
Slot 8: "Watchuwant.tv"  -- Arvind Narayanan, Adam Bossy, David Molnar

Thanks to all the audience and participants, see you tomorrow, 8PM at 83c!

- R.  Miloh Alexander (filling in for aestetix for April)

*sheduling is subject to change
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