[Noisebridge-announce] 2169 Mission, let's do it - please respond if you disagree

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Tue Aug 4 22:18:13 UTC 2009

The landlord has made a very generous offer to get us moved in there,
which is that they'll spend $6000 for the bathroom renovation.  Andy was
able to get a preliminary quote of something close to that (which he's
in process of confirming if I'm not mistaken).  For me, this is enough
to kick my opinion over into, let's go with this space and make it work.
 Because we can make anything work if we choose to, and I think this
space is worth the effort.

I'm putting 'decide about renting 2169 Mission' on tonight's agenda for
consensus.  I'm fairly confident the membership is good with this, but
if I'm wrong and you don't want to rent this space or just have
reservations, or even just feel this is too fast, please speak up either
in reply to this email or at the meeting.

Note that this is NOT a consensus about how to do the buildout, but only
a GO / NO GO decision on moving forward with this space, so we can
concentrate our limited time & energy.  Here are some points of note:

* Current proposed lease is attached to the wiki at
https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Moving/2169_Mission (direct link,
Note that we could continue to negotiate on this but it's satisfactory
to me.

* Alex/VonGuard was researching our legal responsibilities under the ADA
act, and the last I heard about this we are responsible only for the
inside of the space.  Alex can you confirm that this is the result of
your research?

* the estimate for the bathroom renovation is for ADA compliant work
(Andy can you confirm this?)



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