[Noisebridge-announce] Homebrew PCB, 8pm on Monday at 83c

Michael C. Toren mct at toren.net
Mon Aug 10 08:00:11 UTC 2009

We finished our first Homebrew PCB project!  It's etched, soldered, and
programmed.  If you haven't had a chance to see the completed board yet,
you can view an image here, and I'll also bring it with me tomorrow:


We learned a *lot* going through the process once, realized we made a
bunch of mistakes, and think it's time to try again to see if we can make
something even cooler to frame and hang on the wall of 2169.  We'll be
meeting on Mondays at 83c for the next ~3 weeks or so, which should be
all it'll take to finish the project.  The first meeting tomorrow will
mostly be a design meeting, with the hopes that we can solve some of the
architecture problems while still maintaining an art project that's
pleasing to the eye.

If you're curious about PCB etching or have some artistic talent to lend,
feel free to stop by.  We could also use someone who knows their way
around EagleCAD, now that Skory's on his cross-country road trip. :-)



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