[Noisebridge-announce] ML Wednesday: WiiMote C Fun, part deux

Josh Myer josh at joshisanerd.com
Wed Aug 12 22:45:08 UTC 2009

Tonight at ML Wednesday (83c, 8PM), we'll be digging further into the
C k-means and HMM, and possibly spinning up a group on the swig

Another week or three of this, and we'll all be cross-eyed and batty,
but have a working implementation!

Relatedly, would anyone be down for a small hackathon on the weekend?
Saturday night is LoveTech, which is totally non-optional for me (and
you should totally go!), and Sunday will be a little late starting to
recover from that, but, otherwise, I'm pretty free.  It seems like
we'd get a lot of bang for our buck if we met at my place or a cafe
for a four hour stretch during the day, without distractions.

Happy hacking,
Josh Myer   650.248.3796
  josh at joshisanerd.com

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