[Noisebridge-announce] Circuit Hacking Monday, this evening (12/21/09) at 7PM

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 21:25:04 UTC 2009

WHAT:  Circuit Hacking Monday!

WHERE: 2169 Mission Street, AKA Noisebridge

WHEN:  Monday, Starting at 7PM, December 21, 2009

Come and learn to solder and work on electronics projects during circuit
hacking sessions at Noisebridge!

As always the training and tools are free for anyone to use, but minimum
donations are required to cover the cost of kits at Noisebridge.

We *still* have the usual complement of kits available (tv begone,  brain
machine,  boarduino, trippy rgb, tinyUSB-isp,  etc.), in addition to some
new items like Adafruit mintyboosts, and they all make great gifts!

-ronald miloh alexander
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