[Noisebridge-announce] PGP Key Workshop tomorrow, 2009-02-05, 8PM

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Thu Feb 5 04:03:19 UTC 2009

Just a reminder that Noisebridge is hosting a PGP Keysigning and
workshop Thursday, February 5 at 83c Wiese St in San Francisco.


The workshop starts at 8 PM, the keysigning at 9 PM.

    **** Workshop Participants *******

Please bring
1. a laptop you are reasonably sure does not have spyware installed.
2. ideally, install GPG before the workshop.

    **** Keysigning Only *******

If you do not want to participate in the workshop but do want to
participate in the keysigning, please email me a message signed with the
key you want signed.  I will prepare key hash sheets for all
participants, but you may want to bring some extra hash sheets yourself;
for the suggested format.

    **** Everybody ****

Note that the Noisebridge keysigning does not require government issued
ID, and we do not advise that anyone rely solely on government ID for
keysigning purposes.  We recommend that the web of trust be based on,
you guessed it, *trust* between individuals.  Don't sign a key of
someone you just met today, even if they do have government ID.

We also do not prohibit the use of government ID.  It is up to each
individual keysigner to decide what verification they choose to use, so
bringing government ID may enable you to accrue more signatures.


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