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aestetix aestetix aestetix at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 00:20:42 UTC 2009

Greetings Noisebridge!

We are please to announce the first monthly "Five Minutes of Fame",
scheduled for this Thursday, Feb 19th, at 8pm at Noisebridge. Bring
yourself, your friends, your pet alien, and maybe ping pong balls to throw
at the speakers.

All speakers have been notified, and the current schedule is as follows*:

Slot 0: "Five Minutes of Fame" --aestetix
Slot 1: "TraceyText: An educational tool to teach programming via the web"
--Al Sweigart
Slot 2: "Learn Esperanto, the Universal Language" --Asheesh Laroia
Slot 3: "C-41 Process: How Color Film Works" --Autumn Tyr-Salvia
Slot 4: "println (("1D Barcodes" =~ /1D/ ).replaceFirst("2D"))" -- Philip
Slot 5: (title to be determined)" -- Jonathan Foote
Slot 6: "Low Tech High Tech" --Michael Kan Kan
Slot 7: "How I Learned to Live a Life I Love (And You Can Too)" --Mitch
Slot 8: "MySQL InnoDB Hotcopy" --David Stainton
Slot 9: "How to make all the other presenters hate you" --pvck

Because this is the first FMoF we have ever hosted, I'm proud to say it is
also to best lineup we have ever had. It can't even be compared! There's
nothing like it!

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen. Hope to see you there!

*schedule is subject to change, although the time/date/location will remain
the same
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