[Noisebridge-announce] Machine Learning Meetup tonight, 8PM

Josh Myer josh at joshisanerd.com
Wed Jan 21 18:53:14 UTC 2009

Come by 83c at 8PM for this week's Machine Learning Meetup!

We'd love to see new people tonight: Jean's presentation is full of ML
awesomeness (UAVs, music recognition, SkyNet), and Praveen has some
cool (and approachable) topics on-deck.  If nothing else, come and
hang out afterwards.  There are plenty of experienced MLers who will
be around to answer questions, explain ideas, and point out resources.
We're also looking for possible projects: if you have a project that
could use ML, we'd love to hear about it.

Tonight's lineup:

We'll have Jean showing some cool applications of machine learning,
with videos.

After that, Praveen will (hopefully) give a quick presentation on
either Neural Networks or Naive Bayes.

After the presentations, we'll hang out, answer questions, talk shop,
and solicit collaboration.

Hope to see you tonight!
Josh Myer   650.248.3796
  josh at joshisanerd.com

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