[Noisebridge-announce] Next Sunday @ 7pm & Tuesday @ 5pm: Meditation & TCPA law talks (Toorcamp previews)

Sai Emrys noisebridge at saizai.com
Wed Jun 24 04:15:01 UTC 2009

Several people have expressed interest in the two talks I'm giving at
Toorcamp - one regarding TCPA law, the other on meditation techniques
- who aren't going to be attending. And I'd like to rehearse them, as
I mentioned earlier.

It looks like the schedule's relatively packed already, but I think it
should work to do so next Sunday @ 7pm and Tuesday @ 5pm, assuming I
can get the use of the projector and downstairs space. (The scheduling
of Locks! is unclear from the wiki.)

The meditation workshop preview can include technique practice or not,
per audience preference (the actual workshop definitely will).

I'll probably need help getting the projector set up, so would
appreciate assistance there; other tech should be unnecessary.

I've put this up on the wiki home page, but it's unclear how I can add
'em to the Google calendar, so I've not done that.

Comments and suggestions appreciated as always.

See you then,

- Sai

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