[Noisebridge-announce] Five Minutes of Fame - March 19, 2009

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Tue Mar 17 03:23:14 UTC 2009

Greetings Noisebridge!

We are please to announce the monthly "Five Minutes of Fame", scheduled for
this Thursday, March 19th, at 8pm at Noisebridge. Bring yourself, your
friends, your pet alien, and maybe ping pong balls to throw at the speakers.

All speakers have been notified, and the current schedule is as follows*:

Slot 0: "Meggy Jr." --Bill Nye
Slot 1: "Why your cloud company sucks." --Alex Handy
Slot 2: "Emergency ASL" --Imi
Slot 3: "Conductive Fabric Sensors" --Rachel McConnell
Slot 4: "Viral Information Transmission" -- Fox "Metaphorge" Circe
Slot 5: "Python book for kids" -- Al Sweigart
Slot 6: "Go Go SelectorGadget" --Andrew Cantino
Slot 7: "Twitter Friendcast" --aestetix
Slot 8: "'To err is human, to evolve is divine.'" --Daniel Packer
Slot 9: "Ultimate Football Network: birth of a startup" --Jonathan Joseph

Additionally, Michael Kan Kan (of tinkerhack.com) will be hosting a science
fair demonstrating some projects he has been working on.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen. Hope to see you there!

*schedule is subject to change, although the time/date/location will remain
the same
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