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I got home a couple days ago from the UK Maker Faire.  5,500 people smiling geeks showed up, and, with the help of Ken Murphy (an SF Dorkbotter who makes Blinky Bugs and LED Art) and Jimmie Rodgers (who makes the OpenHeart, and co-founded Willoughby & Baltic, a Boston hacker space), a decent percentage of these happy nerds learned to solder at our hardware hacking area.  Fun for all!



But you don't have to wait till the next Maker Faire to learn or practice soldering, 'cause I lead a hardware hacking workshop every Monday I'm in town, right here at Noisebridge, our SF hacker space in the Mission.  Feel free to come by!



Below is the announcement.












Monday, March 23rd at Noisbridge is another edition of Circuit Hacking Mondays.
Come on by and join the fun!  We'll have plenty of cool projects that you can make and take home with you.  Turn off TVs in public places, blink trippy colored lights, play games -- you can learn to do all this, and more.
Anyone can learn to solder!  Even if you have never made anything in your life, you can learn this very useful and enjoyable skill.  It really is fun!  Mitch has taught thousands of people to solder all around the world, and he can teach you, too!  Add yourself to the ever increasing community!
Come by Noisebridge to learn to solder by making your own simple and fun project.  Mitch and Andy will provide parts for several cool projects for you to choose from:  TV-B-Gone remote control, Trippy RGB Waves, MiniPOV, Brain Machine, Open Heart, Mignonette Game, Boarduino (an Arduino clone), and others.  Of course, you can also bring your own project.  More info on most of the projects is on Mitch's website http://www.CornfieldElectronics.com (click on the "maker faire" tab).
What:  Circuit Hacking Mondays
When:  Mondays, 8:30pm, at Noisebridge -- 83C Wiese, San Francisco
Who:  Everyone, including you!
Cost:  Instruction is free!  Reimbursement of parts is requested (between $7 and $20, depending on project parts)

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