[Noisebridge-announce] MonkeyBrains donates a new uplink to Noisebridge

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Wed Nov 25 02:09:32 UTC 2009

Good news is afoot with the internet uplink situation at 2169!

MonkeyBrains is running a pilot program in the Mission to provide
affordable high speed Internet. They're pretty friendly to non-profits
and they'd probably like to talk to more of locals looking for uplinks.

This fine local ISP has donated a new uplink to Noisebridge for the
duration of one year (until ~Nov/Dec 2010). This includes transit to the
internet and it's quite fast! The link is rated at well over ~50/30Mbps.
We've been asked to keep a "9am-5pm profile of 1 or 2Mbps with spikes to
10Mbps" and to keep the "2 hour 25Mbps downloads to off hours." In
general, we're unfiltered and we can easily burst to 30Mbs _right now_.
Try to be reasonable and we'll probably remain unfiltered.

We'll probably want to get a block of IPs (v4 and v6) from ARIN in the
near future. As it currently stands, we're going to get IPs from
MonkeyBrains. This should be fine for now.

Check out their website for more information on the generous folks
behind this donation:

Andy will follow up with the operational details of the network and the
rest of the network at 2169...


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