[Noisebridge-announce] Intro to Max/Jitter Workshop 10/13 and 10/15, $80

Mary F love.medusa at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 22:22:09 UTC 2009

*Intro to Max/Jitter for Interactivity and Computer Vision*

At Langton Labs, 9 Langton SF  |  Tuesday October 13th and Thursday October
15th 7pm – 10pm  |  $80

Max/MSP/Jitter is a graphical programming environment for music, audio and
media. The Max/MSP/Jitter page on the Cycling ‘74 website:

This workshop is intended to introduce artists and programmers to using
Max/Jitter for interactivity programming, especially using computer vision.
Emphasizing tools for self-teaching, this workshop is geared toward
beginners but has much to offer experienced programmers. The workshop is
presented by Mary Franck, a new media artist, who will be presenting her own
work as examples.
[image: A Max/Jitter patching window of the MotionSlices patch]

A Max/Jitter patching window of the MotionSlices patch


-Examples of possible interactivity.

-Basics of programming, or “patching” in Max.

-Discussion of programming architecture.

-Using Jitter to process video as matrices.

-Intro to using computer vision to process video.

-Brief discussion of using Max with Arduino and Ableton Live.

-Exercises in using and modifying help files and tutorials.


*Registration*:  Limited to 15  |   Cost: $80   |  3 Low-income slots
available for $40.

To request low-income price please contact mary [at] maryfranck [dot] net.

Registration available here:


*For the Workshop:*

Please bring your computer, having installed:

Free Trial of Max 5 <http://www.cycling74.com/downloads/max5>

Computer Vision for Jitter

and if you are interested in using Max with the Arduino,

Arduino2Max <http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Interfacing/MaxMSP>

*If you have a webcam, bring it.*
Recommended Reading and Tutorials:
The Basic Activity of Making Patches (In Max Help)
Max Tutorials 1, 2, 3
Jitter Topic “What is a matrix?”
Jitter Tutorials 1, 4, 10, 14

Mary Franck is a new media artist who explores the aesthetic and social
possibilities of digital technology through interactivity programming,
digital video, and physical computing. Her work combines the digital and the
tangible to create new relational environments.

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