[Noisebridge-announce] [Noisebridge-discuss] REMINDER: Sewing machines workshop, Friday October 23 @ 7PM

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Wed Oct 21 03:50:47 UTC 2009

I'm running a workshop on operating Noisebridge's new industrial sewing
machines.  There's a straight stitch (regular) machine and a serger (if
you don't know what this is, come see it).  If you aren't familiar with
industrial machines but want to use them, I strongly encourage you to
come to this. You can hurt yourself on either of these, and particularly
on the serger.

These are fun machines.  They are very high quality and they run REALLY
FAST!  Each has interesting features that you'll want to know more
about, so come learn about them.

I'll have everything you need to learn to sew on these, but if you have
a project you want to work on (hem a jacket or pants, patch a hole,
reattach straps or belt loops, etc) feel free to bring it.


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