[Noisebridge-announce] Noisebridge weekly meeting tonight, Tuesday, September 8th

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 8 18:30:20 UTC 2009

What:  Weekly Tuesday meetings


When:  Tonight, Tuesday, September 8th


Where:  at our new space!  2169 Mission, San Francisco, CA  94110 (near 18th St.)


Why:  we have a weekly meeting to bring up topics of discussion, make decisions, and hang out


Who:  Everyone is welcome to come to Noisebridge, any time, including our weekly Tuesday meetings





Here's a chance to shake off some dust from the desert (for those returning from there) and check out some of the dust at our new large space, which is coming together in amazing fashion.



The agenda for tonight's meeting is pretty minimal, so we should have plenty of time to just hang out and enjoy.



Feel free to add anything you feel is pertinent to the agenda, since it is (as is our entire website) a wiki page that anyone can change.
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