[Noisebridge-announce] A ROYAL PROCLAMATION - The schedule for Sep. 17th Five Minutes of Fame at 2169 Mission

Emperor Joshua Norton I emperor.joshua.norton.1 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 03:30:47 UTC 2009

Greetings Noisebridge!

It pleases me greatly as Emperor of your fine hackerspace to announce
that on the seventeenth of September 2009 at eight o'clock in the
evening, we shall celebrate the anniversary of my throne with glorious
exhibitions. I think you will all enjoy the fine talents of your
citizens, and the night shall end with festivities for all to enjoy.

However, I do issue one caveat. A knight brought to my attention that
my new palace, 2169 Mission, is very close to being completed, but we
need your help. In order to carry through with this grand occasion,
those who can spare the time must offer their labors to ensure my
palace is ready. He said that your aid will be most useful on Thursday
at ten o'clock in the morning.

All speakers have been notified, and the current schedule is as follows*:

"Gender and Technology" (Meitar "maymay" Moscovitz)
"A Primer on Polyphasic Sleeping" (Morgan Engel)
"A Consensus Based Algorithm" (Jason Dusek)
"Interactive Machines and Robots" (Kal Spelletich)
"How to Open a Vein" (Quinn Norton)
"Exercises for Standing Posture" (Hae Min Cho)
"The Working Wiki: LaTeX and source code in MediaWiki" (Lee Worden)
"HaloWall" (Neil Kandalgaonkar)
"History of the Sky" (Ken Murphy)
"The Life and Times of Emperor Norton I"

Additionally, our citizen Michael Kan Kan (of tinkerhack.com) will be
hosting a science fair after the talks demonstrating some projects he
has been working on.

I want to extend thanks to all the speakers, but especially all the
people who have been showing up and make this event a success. Without
all of you, there would be no celebration.

Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico
14 Sep. 2009.

*schedule is subject to change, although the date/time/location will
remain the same.

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