[Noisebridge-announce] Noisebridge 2009 Annual Report

Jeffrey Malone treasurer at noisebridge.net
Tue Apr 27 22:59:34 UTC 2010

Hello everyone!

Per Article 15 Section 1 of our bylaws, an annual report must be given
to all members within 120 days of the end of our fiscal year (which
matches the calendar year).  In true Noisebridge fashion, we're
presenting this report with three days to spare before this deadline!

The report is purely informational, and entirely fiscal in nature.  It
details our income and expenses by category, so people can see where
our money comes from and goes to.

At present, it is posted on the wiki at:

Questions are welcome!
I will however ask that they be posted on the discuss mailing list,
unless you have due cause to keep your inquiry private.  This will
save me from answering multiple questions, and help others who may be
interested in the answers.


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