[Noisebridge-announce] BAHA meeting 2pm on Sunday: VPNs and Darknets

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I'll be giving a talk at 2pm on Sunday about VPNs and Darknets.

Many people think VPNs are corporate things, but in reality, they're
something the DIY crowd should be considering.

ISPs are doing snooping, ad substitution (phorm), DNS spoofing, and
transparent proxying.  Mobile systems (using insecure WiFi networks)
becoming more popular.

A partial solution to these threats is to VPNing out somewhere.  There
are some commercial offerings like VyprVPN, if you don't have an
endpoint of your own.

They also solve a lot of NAT-related issues, since intra-VPN traffic
need not be NATted.

And you can close a laptop, go somewhere else, resume it, and find
that your SSH sessions are still live, since your VPN IP hasn't

To date, I haven't really found a difference between a VPN and a
Darknet, but the latter sounds cooler.

You'll also learn how to create a Darknet DNS system, effectively
managing your own DNS for the part of the Internet you control.
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