[Noisebridge-announce] EVENT REMINDER! Digital Security and Tactics March 12th 2010

frenzy frenzy at hackbloc.org
Wed Feb 24 06:26:22 UTC 2010

Hello Noisebridgers,

We have been hard at work getting together the event! The 8 days of
anarchy site is also up and running you can access it here:
http://8daysofanarchy.org/ Please attend some of the great events and be
sure to come to the event at noisebridge and the bookfaire if you can't
make it for anything else. We are especially excited to get Elliot
Madison to speak who was arrested at the g-20 protests in Pittsburgh for
allegedly tweeting. We will have lots of copies of Hack This Zine for
people to take as well.

Want to help us out? Email me. I will be making some copies to flyer
around the east bay, if someone wanted to put flyers around it would be
greatly appreciated. Also forward this event to any techie groups you
think would be interested.

We plan to arrive to noisebridge around 4pm to start setup, we need
someone around who knows the projector set up and can show one of us. If
no one is there, im sure we can figure it out.

Anyway, take care and see you all in a few weeks!

Digital Security and Tactics
March 12th 2010

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