[Noisebridge-announce] wearables workshop

Ali Crockett alicrockett at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 19:28:13 UTC 2010

Hey Noisebridge!

This Saturday, January 9th, starting at 2 p.m., come make wearable  
electronics out of sewable components I make for my company, www.aniomagic.com 
. My business partner, Nwanua, will be in town, and he is very excited  
to meet you crafty folks.

Bring $5 to make a basic embroidered circuit, or $15 if you'd like to  
make something fancier.  If you're interested in picking up extras  
(like sewable surface mount LEDs and tilt switches, learning sensors,  
washable battery holders, etc.) we will be offering additional  
components at extremely discounted prices only for Noisebridge folks  
because we think you're neat.

And if you've got no cash to spend, we'd still love to show you some  
things we've made and chat about embedded/ambient computing, physical  
computing, electrical engineering, and e-textiles.  Come say hi, make  
stuff, ask questions, share ideas!

- Ali

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