[Noisebridge-announce] [Noisebridge-discuss] Assistant Treasurer position? members, please read, consensus items

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Wed Jun 30 23:20:43 UTC 2010

For those who may have missed it in the meeting notes from last night,
it's been proposed that Noisebridge create a new officer position, to
help the Treasurer.  (Ideas for a better name than Assistant Treasurer
are solicited!)

According to California law and our bylaws, the board is permitted to
appoint other officers besides the Big Three, so this would not be a
change to our organizational structure at all.  Since our explicit
process is that the board only does things that the membership instructs
it to do, this has to be approved by consensus before the board may make
it happen.

The holder of the Assistant Treasurer office would be able to do
anything that the Treasurer can currently do, like sign checks and
accept dues payments.  Basically it would split the Treasurer job among
two people, reducing the workload for each.

This would affect our bottom line by an estimated $75 per year.  The new
office would be added to our Directors and Officers insurance.  At the
moment the five directors and three officers (8 people) cost us about
$600 per year.  The estimate is made by assuming that one more person on
that policy would increase the cost by 1/8.  Jeff and/or Seth will let
us know the exact number as soon as they have that information from our
insurance company.

It is also proposed that the office initially be filled by Al Sweigart.

Since this is a significant change, let's give it not one but two weeks
for discussion, and have the consensus decision happen on July 13 (or
later if necessary).

What do you all think?


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