[Noisebridge-announce] Learn Surface Mount Soldering by Building a "Lumbrella" Kit - Oct 25 Workshop

Rolf rolfvw at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 19:38:12 UTC 2010

Hi Folks,
I plan on doing a workshop this coming Monday evening at Noisebridge with help
from Miloh and Mitch.  It features a cute little circuit called the Lumbrella,
which drives a string of colored LEDs. The LEDs are placed inside of ping pong
balls to make the harsh LED light more diffuse and pleasant.
The LED string can be attached to an umbrella or can be used for other
Think Halloween!

More details about the workshop and the Lumbrella kit below.

Feel free to contact me directly (rolfvw _at_ gmail _dot_ com) for
more information!

-rolf van widenfelt

The Lumbrella is a small driver board and a string of up to 7 colored
LEDs placed inside ping pong balls.
It is powered by 2 AA batteries so it is completely portable.
The Lumbrella kit is a great introduction to surface mount soldering!

The driver board comes as a kit that includes a PCB and a handful
of surface mount components.
In addition, there are some LEDs and ping pong balls that are used to make
an LED "string".

The Lumbrella kit includes:
 1 Lumbrella PCB with all required components
 10 LEDs (choose from red, blue, or white, or mix and match)
 8 white ping pong balls

The kit costs $25.

We will be hosting a workshop in conjunction with Circuit Hacking Monday (CHM)
on Oct 25, 7-9:30pm, to be held at Noisebridge.
Noisebridge is in San Francisco at 2169 Mission St.
There is no additional charge for the workshop.


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