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I'm writing on behalf of the OpenAMD (Attendee-Meta Data) project, an open
source location tracker and social networking system. You may have seen it
installed as the RFID badges at the two most recent HOPE conferences, as
well as CCC Sputnik in previous years of Chaos Communications Congress.

This year, we're hoping to bring the project to CCC Camp 2011 (10-14
August), but to do so we need community support. We're using a kickstarter (
http://www.openamd.org/kickstarter) to raise funds to pay the costs to
fabricate the badges, and handling the rest of the costs at our own expense.
As such, you can use the kickstarter to pre-purchase a badge, which
guarantees you will get one at the Camp. We are also running a limited
number of "Neighbor" badges, which gives you the prestige of showing
everyone how neighborly you are!

If you are able, please support the project by backing it, tweeting about it
(follow our @openamd twitter account), and even blogging about it as we
release more information. We have lots of information we'll be releasing
about the project as we find time to write it all down, and we'll update the
twitter feed with links, photos, and videos. We're happy to answer any
questions people might have. The more questions you ask, the better our
answers can be! And yes, we'll release all the data after the conference.

I'm including a link to a flyer that you can print out and post up on the
wall of your hackerspace, or pass out to anyone you think might be

Hail Eris,

http://www.openamd.org/images/OpenAMD-hackerspaces.png (color)
http://www.openamd.org/images/OpenAMD-hackerspace-flyerbw.png (black/white)
http://www.openamd.org/images/OpenAMD-hackerspace-flyerbw-mini.png (small
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