[Noisebridge-announce] Five Minutes of Fame is Today!

Zedd Epstein zedd.00 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 07:06:04 UTC 2011

Hello Hackers,

Here's this month's schedule for 5MoF at Noisebridge.

Josh Miele, PhD - Blind Tech
Nealon Ledbetter- We're making the MADE
Aestetix - OpenAMD: Cheap and Easy
Andy Isaacson - How the CAs keep screwing up by the numbers
Steve Dee - Something - Something (Fuck you, Zedd)

Dan Kellogg - Why I hate kickstarter
Zak Homuth - Upverter, electronic design tools on the interwebs
VonGuard - How not to LoL
openf|y - Small, blue, and deep
ThatGuy - Peer pressure and you, how to make nerds do stuff

Hope to see everyone at 2169 Mission Street tonight, Thursday, at 8PM.
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