[Noisebridge-announce] Care and Feeding of your Makerbot/Reprap tonight at Noisebridge, August 31, 2011

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 20:29:07 UTC 2011

Announcing another session of Care and Feeding of your Makerbot!

As with previous weeks, if a number of new, interested folks show up by 6pm,
I'll give an introduction to using the Makerbot Cupcakes and try to get
folks printing.

It's an all-ages, all-inclusive take-away suppertime thing, we will setup
prints to watch and discuss grand plans for future build days (more bots!),
a RepRap public house hosted at Noisebridge, or just focus on making geegaws
and refrigerator magnets.

Come join the group starting at 5 and going until 9pm or a bit later.

More info on this session and upcoming sessions:  https://www.noisebridge
*I'll be working on the functional designs portion, unless newcomers are
interested in the basics.

Noisebridge: 2169 Mission Street ( https://www.noisebridge
.net/wiki/Getting_Here )
 Wednesday August 31, 2011.
5PM  to 9PM

-Ronald Miloh Alexander
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