[Noisebridge-announce] February 5MoF Speaker Lineup!

Hephaestus hephaestus at antipunk.net
Thu Feb 17 19:45:09 UTC 2011

Good Morning, Hackers.

February's 5MoF is just a few hours away. Come down to 2169 Mission,
tonight at 8pm, to bear witness to trippy visualization experiments,
learn about artificial languages, how to build floating cities, and
how you can help build a museum dedicated to hacker porn.

Speaker Lineup for Feb 17th:

Death, death, death, death, death:
HBGary - How to Protect Yourself on the Internet
Tyler Freeman - The VJacket
Soli Johnson - Libraries Need Sysadmins
Susanne Vejdemo - Artificial Languages
Matt Bell - not-Ephemerisle 2011

Quick shower:
Jigsaw Renaissance - Seattle doesn't get Monsoons
Marc Juul - The Universal Primer
Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson - Maths are Hard
Aaron Lehmann - ThreeBallot Voting
Alex Handy - The MADE


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