[Noisebridge-announce] Bay Area Hackers Ass'n - Sunday, 2pm, Noisebridge

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It's the fourth or fifth monthly BAHA meet!

Site and mlist:

The Bay Area Hacker's Association meets this Sunday, 1400 to xxxx

It's for people interested in security, not the other kind of hacking.

It's generally held in the couch area at NB, possibly using the 5MoF

Sunday's talk will be a mystery talk, one of these:

Also, should we decide to eschew slides, we could talk about:
a smart-phone based physical intrusion detection system
bizarre security failure modes
special anti-theft systems for laptops
deniable storage, Unix, and remote servers
how to run a relatively secure server in hostile territory
key management
 - who or what does a key really identify?
 - how do you run your own CA?
 - when do you use intermediate CAs and KEKs?
secure system administration and service configuration
50 things you didn't know you needed to worry about
staying connected in an emergency
social engineering tricks used by intelligence agencies
near-future HTTP security improvements
 - there's about a dozen, including Origin and HSTS
 - private browsing, what it means and doesn't
 - plus the IETF is revisiting HTTP authentication
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