[Noisebridge-announce] Advanced Mushroom ID Workshop, 1/23, Noisebridge

Peter Werner germpore at sonic.net
Fri Jan 21 17:21:44 UTC 2011

A reminder to any and all who are interested that I am giving a  
Mushroom ID/Microscopy workshop at Noisebridge in San Francisco on  

Please drop me a line if you're coming or thinking of coming, so I can  
have some idea of how many microscopes I might need, or if any will  
need to be shared.

*Also, does anybody have a laptop and digital projector they could let  
me use?*

It will be similar to the workshop I gave at SOMA Camp. Description  

This is a hands-on introduction to the use of a microscope for use in  
ID'ing and studying fungi. Basics of specimen preparation, operation  
of a microscope, and Köhler illumination will be covered. Please note  
that microscopes are limted. If you have your own, feel free to bring  

Noisebridge is at 2169 Mission in the Mission District of SF,  
directions here:


Sorry for the fairly short notice on the workshop, which I only  
announced a week ago. Once again, a "herding cats" situation, which  
didn't allow for a one month notice, getting it into newsletters, etc.

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