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(I'm mailing this because it's a little tricky to initially negotiate all the places to announce things, and so i said I would for the first announcement from Francisco. Otherwise, mail Francisco at <en.aspanol at yahoo.com> for more info. I've also put it up on the events calendar at https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Noisebridge ).

At 5pm at the Noisebridge Kitchen, and continuing every Wednesday for July:

ABC of Cooking


We'll work together to develop cooking techniques that best use the available

space, appliances and tools. I'll teach the basics of handling a regular
conventional kitchen including simple common sense hygiene and safety


Attendees will learn and develop skills like using knives, cutting boards, and

cooking skills like sauté, baking, and general cooking.

The workshops are free for all, but I'll be asking for voluntary donations to

cover ingredients and other expenses.

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