[Noisebridge-announce] Circuit Hacking Monday, Tomorrow March 7th, 2011

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 20:11:23 UTC 2011

Mitch and I will be setting up Circuit Hacking
Monday, tomorrow at Noisebridge, starting at 7pm/19:00 (but please
feel free to come whenever you like).

You are welcome to come by Circuit Hacking Monday if want to learn to
solder, learn about electronics, or learn about Noisebridge.  Also,
please feel free to come and work on your own project, where you can
use our tools, get help, give help, or just hang out with others
playing with and making their projects.

 Where:  Noisebridge 2169 Mission, San Francisco, 94110
     One and a half blocks South of the 16th St. Mission BART Station.
 When:   Monday, March 7th at 7:00pm, 2011
     Come when you want. Stay as little or as long as you like. Most
projects take about 1 t o 2 hours
Who:  You!  It is fun to make things in the friendly community of Noisebridge.

 Cost:  Instruction is Free!
     If you use any kits, reimbursement for kit price is requested
     ($10 to $35, depending on kit).

All kits are designed for total beginners to complete successfully.
Kits available include:

   North Paw Compass Anklet  (Buzz up and buzz down!)
   Lumbrella (Constant Current driver for 7 bright LEDS, uses AA batteries!)
   TV-B-Gone (turn off TVs in public places!)
   Brain Machine (Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!)
   Mignonette Game (play fun games!)
   Trippy RGB Waves (interac tive blinky lights!)
   LEDcube (animated 3D cube!)
   MiniPOV (more cool blinky lights!)
   MintyBoost (charge your USB enabled gadgets!)
   microcontroller programmers (program all your AVR family chips!)
   Volksduinos (make just about anything with these!)
   Open Heart (animate fun patterns in the shape of a heart!)
   LoL Shield (Lot of LEDs for your Arduino!)
   SMD badges (Everybody's trying SMD!)

   And more!

More info is available on the above kits at:

-Ronald Miloh Alexander

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