[Noisebridge-announce] Andriod / Arduino hacking anyone? -- Sunday, 3pm, at Noisebridge

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CORRECTION -- Sunday, 5-June   (doh!)


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Subject: [Noisebridge-announce] Andriod / Arduino hacking anyone? -- Sunday, 3pm, at Noisebridge

A couple of weeks ago Google announced the ability for Android to connect with Arduino to be used as a cheap, easy-to-use hardware development platform.  Google then created ADK (Android Development Kit, based on Arduino), which is not cheap -- but they gave a bunch away for free at the Maker Faire last weekend. 

Since most of us are relatively clueless on how to hack Android phones, or how to connect them to Arduino to do cool things, a bunch of us are getting together next Sunday to put our collective heads together to see how to make it all work on our Android phones.

It is likely that a Google employee and Android developer will be joining us to help out.

When: Sunday, 5-May, 3pm
Where: Noisebridge 2169 Mission St., 3rd floor
What: get our Android phones to play with Arduino (including the Google ADK)
Who: anyone (regardless of skill level) who cares to join in the fun

Please fee free to pass this along to anyone who may be interested.


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