[Noisebridge-announce] Hackupy.org - Occupy hack nights & a listing of hackerspaces offering help for the Occupy Movement

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Thu Nov 10 20:17:20 UTC 2011

Hi there. I just setup http://hackupy.org (yes I know the SSL cert is
self signed, deal).

The idea is this is a URL anyone can give to anyone who's looking for
help with their occupy-related project and doesn't know about hacker
spaces. I think the term "Hackupy" is a great label for hack nights
dedicated for hacking on Occupy stuff too.

My hopes are that more hacker spaces will jump in on this and list out
their hacker space as open to those in need of help. If you know of any
other spaces out there that could potentially help out, please let me know.

At Noisebridge we've had people hacking away on Occupy tech more or less
every night. I've gone through (or will eventually today) list off most
weekday nights as Hackupy nights. If you've got a project you're working
on for the movement, please list it too.


rubin at starset.net

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