[Noisebridge-announce] Sun 11 Sep 2011 TOOOL + BAHA joint meeting on locksport

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Thu Sep 1 18:31:43 UTC 2011

The San Francisco Chapter of the Open Organisation Of Lockpickers
~ and ~
Bay Area (Hacker's Association|Security Enthusiasts)'s
Special Physical Security Operations Task Force (Unit 25X1A-513/2)


A joint physical security meeting on Sunday, September 11, at

* Learn how to pick pin tumbler and wafer locks!

* Race to the "open!" in a locksport competition!

* Meet new people who actually think lockpicking and physical security
  are wonderful and worthwhile topics of conversation, not weird.

Cost: Free
Where: Noisebridge at 2169 Mission St, San Francisco
Web: https://www.noisebridge.net/
When: Sunday, September 11, 2011, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. (or later)

Please bring picks and interesting locks if you have them. But, most
importantly, just bring yourself. We have picks and locks aplenty to
share during the meeting.

Questions about the meeting time, place, or program?
Mail this list, or contact...
Michael Fitzhugh <michael at objectif.org> / 415-269-7757 (TOOOL)
Travis <travis+o-baha at subspacefield.org> (BAHA)

Finding Noisebridge can be tricky; it has a red circular logo above
the otherwise inconspicuous door, and is next to a market that sells
fruit.  It is very close to 16th and Mission BART stop.  If you're
driving, leave 15-30 minutes extra to find parking due to the heavy
traffic around there, but you do not have to pay on Sundays.

TOOOL SF is the San Francisco chapter of the the US Division of The
Open Organisation Of Lockpickers.

Bay Area Hacker's Association:
Our site includes google calendar (never miss another meeting),
directions, link to mailing list, etc.  Please check it out.
"Are you sure you're a computer security specialist?"  "Almost definitely"
If you are a spammer, please email john at subspacefield.org to get blacklisted.
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