[Noisebridge-announce] absentee voting, and other election details

Leif Ryge leif at synthesize.us
Wed Feb 1 09:27:36 UTC 2012

The 2012 Noisebridge Board of Directors election began tonight.

If you are one of the eligible voters (meaning that you've recently 
received an email from the treasurer stating that your membership dues 
are currently up to date) who has not yet voted, you can still get a 
ballot from me and vote.

If you are out of town and would like to vote absentee, let me know who 
your proxy is and I will give them a ballot to cast in your stead.

The easiest time and place for me is next Tuesday, but if you or your 
proxy would like to receive and/or cast your ballot at another time let 
me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Voting will officially close at 9pm next Tuesday, and results will be 
announced soon thereafter. I will be at Noisebridge by 7pm to distribute 
and collect ballots.

If you are the person who received a ballot tonight but did not cast it 
before I left (and took all of the cast ballots with me), I recommend 
holding on to it until next Tuesday (or making other arrangements as 
described above) as I will *not* be able to check the ballot box every 
day between now and then. (If you are someone else and happen to notice 
a lone ballot in the donation box, you are automatically deputized as a 
Noisebridge election official and should take whatever steps are 
necessary to ensure I receive it before the deadline.)


ps: I really wanted to have an auditable online election using blinded 
signatures to authenticate voters such that the election operator could 
not connect votes with voters, but sadly I did not get it implemented in 
time. I would still like to try that in the future. This time, I had to 
settle for paper ballots, but each ballot does list the candidates in a 
unique order and uses a hash of the ordering as its serial number. So at 
least there is that. To the absentee voters: I apologize for failing to 
provide you with a completely secret ballot! I hope you will entrust a 
proxy to cast your vote.

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