[Noisebridge-announce] Frontend Web Development, Monday 8pm: jQuery!

Jeffrey Carl Faden jeffreyatw at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 04:07:36 UTC 2012

Continuing from last week, we're going to jump into my JavaScript framework of choice, jQuery. I'll explain what a JavaScript framework is, how it makes things easier, and talk about all the cool things we can do with it.

For this class, if you didn't make it to last week's class, it's highly recommended that you catch up on JavaScript basics. Understand what variables and functions are, at the least. A somewhat dry but in-depth tutorial can be found here: http://www.w3schools.com/js/ - if you make it to the if...else section, you should be more than prepared.

I WILL be doing a small recap from 7:30pm to 8 as usual, though, so I'll try to summarize JavaScript basics as simply as possible.

Otherwise, the class starts at 8pm and goes until 10pm!

As always, this class and the space in which it's taught is entirely free to attend. Please bring a laptop. Read all the details here:

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